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What is Ironbark?

Grey Ironbark is also known as Eucalyptus Paniculata. It is a hardwood timber that predominantly grows along the East Coast of Australia, from Northern New South Wales to Bundaberg in Queensland.

It is highly desired by Australian builders because of its extreme strength and durability. So much so, that it was the preferred choice by Aborigines when building spears in ancient times. These days, it is used in the construction of bridges, houses, railways sleepers and boats, not to mention decking.

Ironwood WA Distributor

Australian Made Timber

Timber Decking Supply Shed are proud to be the sole authorised distributor in Western Australia of Ironwood Ironbark Timber. Ironwood is Australia’s leading miller and supplier of Australian hardwood recycled timber.

Established over 20 years ago, Ironwood’s recycled hardwood timbers are sought after by some of Australia’s most highly regarded architects, interior designers, property stylists, developers, hospitality groups and restauranteurs as well as DIY renovators, who want to add some character and unique style to their renovation project.

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Why Choose Ironbark Timber?

Grey Ironbark Timber has several advantages when compared with other Australian hardwoods including:

Hard, Strong & Heavy

Ironbark timber has a class 1 durability rating and a strength rating of F22 – F42. It is also very heavy at 1120 kilograms per cubic metre which can make it difficult to work with, however it is ideal for structural use.

Colour Range

It typically comes in a light grey or light chocolate colour, however it can also appear in darker reds and browns.

Termite Resistant

It is also resistant to termites. The sapwood is not susceptible to borers while the heartwood is class 3 resistant.

Maintenance Free

With little to no maintenance, this timber will achieve a weathered look over time which is a popular recent trend.

Fire Resistant

Ironbark also meets a BAL 29 rating meaning it has an inherent resistance to fire.

Eco Friendly

A large portion of the Ironbark supplied by Timber Decking Supply Shed is recycled / reclaimed timber, which leaves a smaller environmental footprint when compared to harvested timber.

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Commercial & Architectural Use

Because Ironbark timber is virtually maintenance free and exceptionally hard and strong, it is ideal for high volume commercial applications such as playgrounds, pubs and boardwalks.

Red & Grey Plantation Ironbark

Red and Grey Plantation Ironbark can also be sourced by The Timber Decking Supply Shed.

A elegant lustful red, Red Ironbark is a quintessential icon species having been used in Australia’s history as a strong durable hardwood. Recognised as one of the hardest hardwood flooring available in the world, Red Ironbark combines an inspiring cathedral grain pattern with a deep dark rouge colour.

Grey Ironbark offers a large variety of colour from dark chocolate to nutty honey with some dark reddish brown. Grey Ironbark has an interesting tight cathedral grain pattern. Recognised as one of the hardest hardwood flooring available in the world, Grey Ironbark is an extremely hardwearing timber that makes it perfect for timber flooring in high traffic commercial and domestic situations.

Timber Decking Supply Shed

F27 Structural standard or better grade Ironbark is currently available from Timber Decking Supply Shed in random lengths.

Ironbark Timber Perth
Wire brushed 135×19 & 86×19 Ironbark Decking

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Blue Royal Ironbark 200×200 Hardwood Posts

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