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Timber Merchants – What to Consider?

March 1, 2020

Timber Merchants in Perth & WA

Are you are a deck builder looking for regular timber supplies? Undoubtedly, you will benefit from forging a solid partnership with a reputable timber merchant.

There are a variety of timber merchants in Perth to select from. However, the type, quality and volume of timber they supply will vary considerably from one merchant to the next.

What to Consider?

If you are approaching a timber merchant for the first time, here are some important factors to consider –

    1. Are they friendly and professional?
    2. Are they experienced and knowledgeable?
    3. Do they take the time to properly understand your requirements?
  1. Do they offer free expert advice in regards to what timbers and materials will be most suitable and why?
  2. Where possible, are the timbers sourced from sustainable forests?

Furthermore, do not be discouraged if the merchant does not have a particular timber in stock. In most cases, timber is sourced locally and can be transported quickly.

Sustainable Timber

Most local and imported timbers can now be sourced from forests that adopt processes to ensure protection of the environment. By selecting sustainable timbers, you are protecting our forests for future generations.

Timber Merchants

Timber Decking Supply Shed

We are a timber merchant with a warehouse in High Wycombe that offers a broad range of Australian & Imported timbers.

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