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Planning Your Pergola

Pergolas are typically utilised to provide protection from the elements, provide a structure to support a plant or creeper, or both. They can be an extension of your timber deck or free-standing in your garden to provide a focal point of interest.

Getting your Approvals
Construction of a pergola will probably need approval by your local authority and we recommend that your local Shire be consulted early, before detailed planning commences. You may need to obtain information about relevant regulations, detail required on plans, scale of drawings and what permits are required before work commences.

Ask yourself

1) What purpose will the pergola have, and how will the different seasons affect this?
2) How much furniture will I want to put under it?
3) What sort of roof will it need – solid, louvered, shadecloth?
4) Should the roof shape match or complement the house?
5) Will I want power, plumbing, lighting, or even fans on it?
6) Will I want to enclose it at a later date or put café blinds around it?
7) Do I want a pergola that will add value to the house should I choose to sell?

By putting some time into good planning your pergola will work exceptionally well for you in every situation.

For a step-by-step guide to constructing a pergola including preparing the site, establishing foundations, positioning posts, attaching beams, rafters and fixing the roof, visit the Timber Decking Supply Shed and pick up your free copy of our ‘How to build …. Pergolas’ brochure.

Timber Pergolas

Pergola Timber choices

Supporting timber posts that are embedded in or in contact with the ground should either be highly durable timbers such as Australian hardwoods or preservative treated timbers with a hazard rating of H4 or H5. These timbers are resistant to termites and will ensure your pergola posts are not eroded over time, compromising the safety of your structure.

For the timber above ground which will be exposed to weather, durable hardwoods such as Jarrah, Blackbutt or Merbau are ideal, however H3 rated pine is also suitable for rafters and beams.

Pergola Supplies