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Timber Supplies – What Are Your Options?

February 1, 2020

Learn How to Select the Correct Timber

If you are looking to build a new timber deck in Western Australia you have a number of contrasting timbers supplies to select from. Below, we have provided some basic information on some of the natural and manufactured timbers available at Timber Decking Supply Shed.

Timber Supplies


A very popular choice for homeowners in WA although it is typically more expensive than other timbers supplies. Jarrah has a colour range from Rosewood to Light Pink. It is very popular and a favourite with locals because of the beautiful grain features, it is also well suited to the WA climate. The durability rating class 2 also ensures that the timber is strong and long lasting. Jarrah also performs best in undercover areas.


Blackbutt timber is a class one hardwood and light in colour which remains consistent from board to board. However, it is an East Coast hardwood and will be more expensive than most hardwood decking options. Blackbutt can be problematic in full sun locations and therefore it should be sealed regularly.


Merbau is less expensive than most other timbers, it has a class one durability rating and is insect and rot resistant. It is also very stable, non-problematic in all weather conditions and can be left unsealed or sealed. It is available in laminated options for structural posts and beams. Merbau has a light brown colour range and should be washed prior to sealing to release surface tannins. Merbau timber supplies are compatible with the BAL 29 requirements.

Spotted Gum

Is a class 1 rated hardwood from the East Coast. It is very tough and used in many architectural applications and feature areas ranging from heavy structural through to screening and cladding. The colour range varies from light greys through to deep reds. It is also well suited for extreme locations with high durability against pests.

Treated Pine H3 Softwood

This option is inexpensive compared to the hardwood options. Best secured with screws and can last 20 years when sealed every 6 months. It is generally available in 90 x 22 and 140 x 20 boards.

Composite Timber

Composite is a manufactured timber made from a combination of recycled wood and Polypropylene plastics. There are many composite options on the market, not all are suited to WA conditions so please speak with Paul to see if it will be suitable for your upcoming project.

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