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Composite Decking Prices Explained

July 1, 2020

Looking for Composite Decking Prices?

Composite decking is a manufactured product constructed from a combination of timber fibres and plastics which are bound together by an agent. When looking at composite decking prices, be aware that there are many different brands on the market. Like most things, the price and quality will differ from brand to brand. As a rule of thumb you will generally get what you pay for. However, here are some handy tips on what other factors you need to consider:

Location & Climate

You may or may not have already decided on the location of your new deck. In doing so, you should consider the direction of sunlight, rain and wind, to ensure the location is ideal. This will indicate what sort of weather conditions your deck will have to withstand. Make sure you select a composite timber that is suitable for the climate and location of your deck.

Colour Range

Each brand of composite timber has a contrasting range of colours to select from. Consider the vegetation and/or structures that will surround the deck, along with the style of furniture you will add, when making your decision. By selecting an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme you will create a seamless flow between the deck and it’s surrounds.


Composite Decking Prices


Timber Decking Supply Shed

Here at the Timber Decking Supply Shed, we recommend and supply two varieties of composite decking –

1) DURALIFE ™ is strong and durable, with a large variety of colours and requires minimal maintenance. Learn more

2) New Tech Wood® is a natural looking composite that you never have to sand, oil or paint. It is resistant to pests and termites and comes with a 25 year warranty.

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