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Jarrah Timber Perth

Timber Decking Supply Shed stock the finest Jarrah timber Perth has available.

Jarrah timber is a highly favoured timber for West Australians and is used extensively for decking, furniture, flooring, cabinetry, and joinery.  Prized for its deep, rich, mahogany colouring and amazing grain characteristics, Jarrah decking, is highly popular as a timber decking product especially in areas under cover.  It is strong and durable (being a class 2 hardwood) providing natural resistance to termites.

Jarrah Timber in Perth

While the natural gum lines found in Jarrah decking provide a fabulous character, these gum lines can be problematic if Jarrah decking is installed in exposed areas with excessive moisture resulting in the opening of the gum pockets. Additionally, the rich mahogany colouring will bleach if exposed to the harsh sun resulting in a grey appearance.

So it’s important that you have a chat with the experts in Jarrah decking at the Timber Decking Supply Shed Perth to make sure that using Jarrah decking for your project is the best choice.

Jarrah is harvested under sustainable forest management practices by the West Australian government. After every harvest, the forest is then replanted to ensure that it is available for the use of future generations. The Timber Decking Supply Shed Perth only supplies certified Jarrah timber.

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