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Merbau Timber Perth

Merbau Decking Timber Supplies

Timber Decking Supply Shed boast the finest Merbau timber Perth has available.

We aim to ensure that our suppliers of all Merbau decking products hold Forestry Stewardship Certification (FSC) accreditation, ensuring that the Merbau timber decking products we supply to you are socially and environmentally sustainable.

Merbau Decking Timber Perth

Benefits of Merbau Timber

Merbau is an Indonesian timber and has not yet been granted the Australian FSC accreditation. The Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia has its own sustainability accreditation system which aims to combat illegal logging and maintain sustainable Indonesian forest resources for the overall sustainable development of the country. All our imported Merbau timber decking has been granted a SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) status from Indonesia.

Merbau is a Class 1 hardwood and is termite resistant which is ideal for the harsh Western Australian climate. It is also a tannin-rich hardwood making it extremely stable and non-problematic. As a result it performs exceptionally well and is highly regarded for use in extreme weather conditions including coastal areas.

Merbau is used for timber decking and is also available in structural sizing for posts, beams and balustrading profiles.

Merbau Decking Perth

Merbau Sizes

Merbau decking boards are available at: 140×19, 90×19 and 90×19 finger jointed.

Slats are available at: 42×19 and 70×19.

Laminated Merbau is available at: 290×32, 290×42, 240×42, 190×42, 140×42, 140×32, 135×135, 120×120, 95×95, 90×42, 70×42 and 42×42.

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