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How to Build Timber Steps

It is important to ensure that your steps comply with Local Government Regulations and that they are comfortable and safe. How wide should a tread be? What’s the ideal height between steps? How can I make them safe for kids and seniors?

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For a step-by-step guide to building steps, visit the Timber Decking Supply Shed and pick up your free copy of our ‘How to build Timber Steps’ brochure.

How steps are made

Familiarising yourself with the parts that make up a set of steps is an important part of understanding how to construct them:

  • Stringers – these are the sides of the steps to which treads are fixed,
  • Treads – these are the boards that you walk on and are attached to the stringers,
  • Risers – these are the boards at the back of the treads and which your toes kick against if you step too far forward.
  • Fixings – these attach the stringers to the base (concrete slab, paving or lower deck) and to the upper deck supports or house.

Timber Stairs

Step by step Guide

At the Timber Decking Supply Shed we have a step-by-step guide to constructing stairs including how to calculate the riser height, the tread width and the stringer length.  We can also provide you with all the materials you need including timber and hardware.

Decking Stairs