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Decking vs Paving

September 1, 2019

So you’ve made the decision to upgrade your yard by adding a functional outdoor space. The next question is, do you go with timber decking or paving?

While pavers require less maintenance such as sealing long term, there are a few reasons why timber decking may be the better choice for your new outdoor space.

Timber Decking vs Paving


Working with slopes? On a second floor? Decking can be built just about anywhere as it is much more lightweight than stone or cement pavers, and doesn’t require large amounts of landscaping or retaining walls to work on slopes – both of which can be costly. Decking also gives you the option of multiple levels within the space to extend it even further.


Decking can certainly be more expensive than pavers, however a timber deck is seen as a luxury product and can add an instant “wow” factor to your back-yard (especially if combined with a neat and tidy garden, as a pool surround or with a garden feature such as a gazebo).  Price can be modified depending on the timber you use and of course, choosing to installing the timber deck yourself will reduce costs overall.

Environmentally Friendly

Where possible our timber is sustainably sourced, and is environmentally friendly as it can be harvested in a socially responsible manner. Class 1 and 2 rated hardwoods are termite-resistant, decreasing the chances of pests after installation.


There is something homely about timber, and it makes any space look immediately more liveable. While pavers are cheaper, timber is inviting, warm under foot and can make a statement to your garden area. Who wouldn’t want to sit out on their timber deck on a balmy summer’s night – cool, refreshing drink in hand? Or maybe you could incorporate your new timber deck with an outdoor kitchen to make a beautiful outdoor ‘room’. Your timber deck can also be instantly refreshed with a coat of sealer or by adding new furniture, cushions or other small touches


All areas of the garden need regular maintenance. Who hasn’t had to spray for ants to stop them from pushing up sand in-between the pavers or maybe spray those persistent weeds that keep coming back? Drainage can also cause problems wherever pavers are used.

Like anything, a timber deck will also require periodic maintenance. The Timber Decking Supply Shed recommends an annual coating of sealer to protect the timber from the harsh West Australian sun. An average deck only takes around four hours to recoat and we have the perfect sealer product with which to do this. After that it is just a matter of keeping it clean and tidy – leaving you time to focus on the rest of your garden.

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No matter how big or difficult your backyard may seem, it can always be improved with timber! Contact Timber Decking Supply Shed to discuss your options.