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barnWALL Lining

Natural Timber Lining

barnWALL is a natural timber wall lining that has been repurposed from ageing, disused hardwood, that was once destined to be forgotten.

Now available in 2 colour tones

SAND – Mixture of Blonde Australian Hardwoods
RUST – Mixture of Red Australian Hardwoods

barnWALL has a natural ashen patina, created by years of harsh weathering, which can be seen on each individual piece. This establishes a very unique industrial look that will transform the identity of a space, creating a raw modern atmosphere.

Why Choose barnWALL?

Including only the most individual naturally occurring and man-made features, barnWALL is a high feature product that complements any interior bringing a brutal rustic sawn look and feel.

Although barnWALL has an authentic aged appearance it has been dried, machined & manufactured to strict modern tolerances.

barnWALL Display

barnWALL cladding is now on display at our warehouse in High Wycombe. Contact us to schedule a time to meet with Paul for a free demonstration.

barnWALL cladding display

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