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Treated Pine

Treated Pine Supplies

We carry the full range of treated pine sizes:

From 125mm x 100mm rough sawn posts with an H5 rating to the 90mm x 90mm H4 posts that can be used for in-ground use, to 90mm x 22mm boards with a H3 rating, sufficient for decking…

We also have structural framing sizes from 90×35, 90×45, 140×45 and the heavy duty 190×45 and 240×45 beams and bearer sections to get you started.

As CCA timber usually forms the framework of your project, we will be only too happy to discuss your needs and help determine the quantities required for your project. Speak to one of our sales team or send us a plan via email of your project and we will work out the materials you need.

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Treated Pine Supplies in Perth