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Prepare Your Deck for Winter

July 10, 2015

The harsh winter weather and cold, damp conditions can wreak havoc with your timber decking, but there are a few simple steps you can take to help protect your deck over the rainy season.

Firstly, remove any dirt, debris and leaves that have gathered on top of the deck. Leaves and organic matter left on the timber can start to rot, which may cause staining or mildew. A quick sweep with a broom is all it takes to keep your deck clean and clear over winter.

If it’s been a while since you applied timber sealant to your deck, you might want to add a coat or two now. Ensure the timber is clean and dry (with no forecast rain) before applying the sealant. Sealing your deck will help to protect the timber from the ravages of winter rains, and minimise cracking and splitting caused by variations in temperature.

Prevent damage and discolouration

Next, look to see whether you have any pot plants, storage boxes or other items that sit directly on the surface of the timber. If these objects remain in contact with the wood, water can accumulate beneath them, leading to discolouration or damage. Move these items off the deck or raise them up higher, so that air can circulate beneath them.

If you have any pet bedding, consider lifting it up off the timber as well, as it could develop mould or fungus in damp conditions.

Finally, check the deck for any signs of damage, moss or mildew, and make any necessary repairs. Nipping a small problem in the bud now can prevent a big, expensive decking dilemma down the track.

Spending a little time preparing your decking for the winter season will not only help to increase the lifespan of your timber, but will also keep your outdoor area looking great. So when the sun finally peeks out, your deck will be ready to go, and you can head straight outside to make the most of the sunshine!