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Our Gofa Shovel

The GOFA™ Shovel is quality built and allows you to dig post holes, create trenches, backhoe and more with its unique 90 degree pivotal blade. The Timber Decking Supply Shed is the sole manufacturer of the GOFA™Shovel and holds the trademark of this unique, award winning tool.

A Multi-functional Spade

Designed and tested for 12 years in New Zealand, this high quality shovel with its pivotal blade, allows you to dig holes where machines can’t.

The shovel blade pivots up to a maximum of 90 degrees while digging, giving you the ability to scoop far greater loads of soil from the bottom of a narrow hole.

The unique action of this high quality shovel means it can be set at varying angles to exactly meet the needs of your excavation. For example, if you are digging a hole for a post the Shovel is in its normal fully open position to begin the process and cut out your hole position. Then as the hole progresses the shovel blade is angled to suit the hole depth, and how much soil you need to remove at any one time. This also means that you choose how much soil and therefore the soil weight you would like to manage with the shovel.

It can also be used as a hoe to backfill, and with the blade folded against the shaft, it acts as a rammer.

Because of its unique design this versatile shovel replaces a number of tools. This means that you save money on normal shovels as well as on a backhoe, rammer and a trenching shovel! It also means that while you are working you save time because you are not constantly changing between shovels, rammers and hoes.

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The Perfect Digger!

The GOFA™ Shovel digs narrow, deep and straight-sided holes with ease and scoops far greater loads of soil from the bottom of a narrow hole than a traditional shovel or spade. The Ergonomic design of this quality shovel will improve your working posture when digging too.

The GOFA™ Shovel has a long life span on all working parts and is an ideal tool for using on tough terrain. It is constructed with a Standard 3mm steel blade attached to a powder-coated and galvanised handle. The ratchet mechanism is made of 5mm bizalloy (high-tensile, abrasion resistant steel) which is three times stronger than normal steel and ensures longevity of the pivoting mechanism. The handle at 1.1 metres long allows for a uniformly square hole of 200 x 200 mm for a depth of approximately 1.2 metres.

Custom blades can be made to suit your needs.

Winner of the “Invention of the Year – Field Day Awards” New Zealand.

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