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Miscellaneous Decking Materials

In addition to our range of decking materials including bolts, concrete, decking screws, gofa shovels and stirrups, we have a few handy tools that will really make a difference to your project and give that professional look – especially when laying timber boards.

Countersink Smart Bit

This is a must-have tool for pre-drilling and countersinking all in one motion. In materials where pre-drilling is required, the Smart-Bit pre-drills and countersinks in one step with one tool. The Smart-Bit features a free spinning stop collar, to protect the work surface, and fluted drill bits that cut through decking more than twice as fast as standard wood bits. The drill bits are replaceable and we also have these in stock.

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Decking Materials

The Deckhand

This is also another must-have tool for ensuring uniform spacing between the timber boards. The Deckhand is designed for use as a template and guide for the installation of all types and widths of decking. It is specifically manufactured to be used in conjunction with standard size bearers and joists of 45mm width. It is designed to allow a 5mm gap or spacing between boards and can be used with either screws or nails and is suitable for standard decking widths of 90mm, 125mm and 140 mm.

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