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Deck Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

October 1, 2019

Summer is officially here, meaning it’s time to give your deck the makeover it deserves. Timber Decking Supply Shed’s 3 simple steps will have your deck looking like new in no time at all, leaving you more time for entertaining.

Timber Deck Maintenance

1. Check Your Deck

Timber decks are prone to wear and tear over time. A yearly health check of the condition of your deck will not only keep it looking great, it will ensure the safety of everyone who walks on it. Obvious things to look for include:

  • Loose boards
  • Damaged timbers
  • Boards that stick up or out – these can become a trip hazard.

Less obvious problems can include damaged posts and joists underneath the deck – this can affect the structural support.Other small issues to look out for include screws and nails that may be sticking out or rusting. Be sure to tighten the screws or nail them back in to avoid a potential injury.

2. Spring Cleaning

Start with a sweep to remove the dust and debris that builds up over the winter months. This will give you a better look at what requires a bit of elbow grease.

Dirt, moss and algae has probably become ingrained into the timber and on the boards. A quality decking cleaner can be used here to remove dirt, stains and mildew, as well as restore the original colour of the timber. Decking cleaner is easy to use and can be washed off afterwards with fresh water.

For stubborn dirt and marks, a high pressure hose may be necessary. Just don’t get it too close to the boards – the water pressure could strip the boards of their existing sealant.

3. Seal and Protect

Once your deck is scrubbed and ready to go, the final step is to apply a high quality sealant. A sealant will protect the decking and restore it almost back to it’s original condition.

Paul Oorschot of WA Timber Decking advises: “Timber sealant shields the wood from the harsh summer sun and damaging UV rays, and helps to prevent timber from turning grey from UV exposure and keeps dirt out of timber fibres. A coat or two of sealant should be applied every 9-12 months (depending on the sealant, exposure and decking type) to keep your deck looking its best”.

Timber Decking Supply Shed stock a very high quality sealant for all types of timber. Our sealant works best because it’s:

  • Water based (so your brushes will wash out easily in water)
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying
  • WA made
  • Hydrophobic (water repellant) when dry
  • Great for the WA climate – with full sun exposure you should reapply every 6 months, otherwise every 12 months is plenty.
  • Tested for 9 years in WA so we know it works

Timber Decking Supply Shed Sealants also don’t require any sanding between applications, so it is easy to prepare the deck with a simple clean prior to application. 1st and 2nd coats apply very quickly, meaning you can enjoy your deck area within 24 hours.If you follow these easy steps, your deck will be ready for the summer months in no time.

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Alternatively, Timber Decking Supply Shed in Perth also offers a maintenance service – making keeping your deck in top condition easier than ever. For more information or tips, contact us or call us today on 08 9454 9991.