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Grey Box Decking Timber

What is Grey Box?

Australian Made Timber

Grey Box is a medium size tree that grows in the central and northern coasts of New South Wales and in Southern Queensland.

Grey Box is an extremely hardwearing timber that makes it perfect for timber flooring in high traffic commercial and domestic situations.

Why Choose Grey Box Decking Timber?

Grey Box is the perfect choice when selecting a hardwood deck that you need to last. With its unbelievably high natural durability and its super hard density, Grey box is suited to all the harsh conditions that the Australian environment can throw at it.

Here are some other benefits:

Grey Box Deck

Colour Palette

Grey Box offers a palette that is best described as a combination of dark nutty honey through to soft wheat colours, and has an interesting tight cathedral grain pattern.


The life of a Grey Box deck is greater than 40 years (Australian Standard 5604 – 2003 – Timber – Natural durability rating) in an external environment – the highest durability ranking available.

Australian Hardwood

Grey Box is an Australian classic hardwood, manufactured in Australia, by an Australian owned company. It is a home grown species that is perfect for outdoor applications.

Quality Assurance

It is manufactured into sawn boards which are then kiln dried to rigorous standards before final production and the quality assurance phase.

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