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Country Clad Ceiling Lining Boards

Alfresco Ceiling Lining

Country Clad ceiling lining boards are an increasingly popular alternative to timber cladding. They are the ideal solution for a variety of applications including outdoor ceilings, walls, eaves, alfresco areas, balconies and patio ceilings.

Why Choose over Timber?

These versatile boards are not only more cost effective than timber lining, they are also –

✓ Easy to install
✓ Termite proof
✓ Flame resistant
✓ Australian made
✓ Highly UV resistant
✓ Corrosion & rot proof
✓ Very strong & durable
✓ Designed to AS/NZS 4256.4
✓ Available in 9 different colours
✓ Available with a 50 year product warranty
✓ Designed specifically for the harsh Australian climate

Furthermore, Country Clad boards are virtually maintenance free – Simply give them a wash from time to time.

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