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Owner Builder

Anyone who carries out ‘builder’ work valued over $20,000 must be a registered builder or an approved owner-builder before applying for a building permit from the local government.

Under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011, owner-builders are required to obtain approval from the Building Services Board, administered by the Building Commission, before obtaining a building permit to carry out owner-builder work on their land.

Owner builders can only be issued with a building permit once every six years unless they have received an exemption from the Building Services Board and are responsible for the building work for a minimum of six years.   If the home is sold within seven years from the date of the building licence being issued, the owner-builder must have in place a policy of home indemnity insurance which covers subsequent owners for the remainder of the seven year period should problems with the building develop.

To acquire an owner builder’s permit for most areas of Western Australia, you are required to complete a statutory declaration and pay a fee of $145 to the BRB (Builder’s Registration Board).

For fee schedule and Owner Builder Approval Application visit buildingcommission.wa.gov.au