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New Guinea Teak Timber (Vitex)

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New Guinea Teak

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK – Please contact us to discuss alternatives. 

New Guinea Teak Timber, also known and Pacific Teak or Vitex Timber is a pale, yellowish brown with creamy greyish tinge which is a stunning alternative to the dark reds of Jarrah and Merbau. It has a fine texture and grain along with a characteristic leathery feel and smell.

The timber is particularly durable and uniquely attractive which has made it a popular choice for deck builders in Australia and New Zealand for many years.

The Heartwood is termite resistant although the Sapwood can be susceptible to Lyctid Borers.

Although New Guinea Teak is a highly sought-after timber in Perth and Australia it is still more affordable than Spotted Gum and some other Australian Hardwoods.

Before engaging us for a free quote, we encourage you to speak with Paul so he can provide expert advice on whether New Guinea Teak Timber will be suitable for your upcoming deck project.

Vitex Sizes

Vitex decking boards are available at: 140×19.

New Guinea Teak Courtyard

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