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Darwin Stringybark Timber

Darwin Stringybark Supplies

Darwin Stringybark is an exceptionally durable timber which is sourced and milled in collaboration with the local Indigenous peoples in Far North Queensland. The timber is sourced in a sustainable method whilst providing employment, training, and professional mentorship for local indigenous people.

The timber’s durability is forged from its harsh natural growing environment. It boasts a rating of 1 for both above and below ground use and is resistant to termites (Average density – 1170-kg/m3).

With very little feature, Darwin Stringybark is able to be produced at longer lengths than many other timbers. It offers good impact resistance whereby it exceeds almost all other Australian and imported timber species.

This strong and attractive timber option is available in decking, flooring and cladding profiles as well as skip dressed timber for furniture and joinery.(Photos supplied by Mornington Timber)

Darwin Stringybark Timber Darwin Stringybark Darwin Stringybark Supplies Sustainble Timber Poolside Timber Decking

Photos sourced from Mornington Timber

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