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Pacific Jarrah

Pacific Jarrah Supplies

At the Timber Decking Supply Shed you’ll find the best Pacific Jarrah Perth has on offer.

Originally imported from South America, Pacific Jarrah is now responsibly & sustainably forested in nearby countries such as Indonesia. This has lead to its rise in popularity, with Pacific Jarrah becoming widely available in Western Australia.

It is a highly favoured option for furniture, decking, flooring & cabinet making. Known for being strong, durable and extremely resistant to insects, fungi, and mould; Pacific Jarrah delivers a high quality finish that stands the test of time. It also looks great, with it’s rich reddish-brown hues and characteristic grain being a popular choice for architects & designers.

Why Choose Pacific Jarrah?

Before selecting it for your decking project, there are a couple of things to consider.

1) It is susceptible to marine borers, so if you’re planning on using in areas exposed to the elements (particularly water) we suggest asking one of timber experts about protective finishes or other alternatives.

2) As one of the toughest hardwoods, Pacific Jarrah can be more difficult to work with and requires a little more care during the building process.

Pacific Jarrah Sizes

Decking timber is available at: 140×19 and 90×19.

Structural timber is available at: 300×50 and 200×200.

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Pacific Jarrah Timber in Perth