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Timber Merchants


Timber Merchants in Perth & WA Are you are a deck builder looking for regular timber supplies? Undoubtedly, you will benefit from forging a solid partnership with a reputable timber merchant. There are a variety of timber merchants in Perth to select from. However, the type, quality and volume of timber they supply will vary … Continue reading Timber Merchants

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Decking Timber


Looking for Decking Timber in Perth? Whether you are an experienced full time deck builder or a newcomer to deck building, you will require quality decking timber and materials to complete your project/s successfully. When trying to select a timber, consideration should be given to climate, soil type, airflow, moisture and more. Failing to carefully … Continue reading Decking Timber

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Timber Supplies – Learn How to Select the Correct Timber


If you are looking to build a new timber deck in Western Australia you have a number of contrasting timbers supplies to select from. Below, we have provided some basic information on some of the natural and manufactured timbers available at Timber Decking Supply Shed – Jarrah A very popular choice for homeowners in WA … Continue reading Timber Supplies – Learn How to Select the Correct Timber

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20% Off Timber Sealant


Save 20% ($72) by visiting our warehouse from November 1st 2016 to April 30th 2017 and purchasing a 15L container of sealant for only $280 GST inc. We can also provide delivery within the Perth metro area for $352 GST inc. A smaller 4L container of sealant is also available for $90 GST inc. To claim the … Continue reading 20% Off Timber Sealant

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Another Happy Customer


A client recently purchased some materials from TDSS to upgrade his outdoor area. The project is still in progress with the drive, pave, edge, gravel, door, windows and cladding still remaining although he was kind enough to send a photo and the following kind words: “Its a rare quality these days, but Timber Decking Supply … Continue reading Another Happy Customer

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Watch Our New Video


Meet Paul and learn more about Timber Decking Supply Shed by watching our new video:

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DIY Decking Tips


If you are contemplating building your own outdoor timber deck, we recommend that you consider the following key points before you commence with construction – Preparation is Paramount As with all major construction projects, the preparation and planning are critical in producing a durable and stylish deck that is optimum to your environment and climate. … Continue reading DIY Decking Tips

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Timber or Steel Decking Support?


One of the most important decisions to make with any new deck project is whether to use timber substrates or a steel frame to support the decking. While both are viable options, there are few considerations to take into account about the properties of timber and steel and how it will affect your decking. Timber … Continue reading Timber or Steel Decking Support?

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Composite Decking – the low maintenance alternative


What is composite decking? Composite decking is a man- made product gaining in popularity as a low-maintenance alternative to natural timbers. Typically made from recycled plastics (polyethylene or polypropylene) combined with a hardwood, the board is resistant to termites, rot, and mould and simply needs an occasional rinse off with water to clean. Aesthetically, composites can … Continue reading Composite Decking – the low maintenance alternative

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Deck Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps


Summer is officially here, meaning it’s time to give your deck the makeover it deserves. Timber Decking Supply Shed’s 3 simple steps will have your deck looking like new in no time at all, leaving you more time for entertaining. 1. Check Your Deck Timber decks are prone to wear and tear over time. A … Continue reading Deck Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

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